search engine optimization (SEO)


What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search engine optimization It’s also called search engine marketing.

What is the first thing that strikes when you hear about SEO?

Every one might be very keen to know how SEO works.

Let me simplify How do search engines operate?

Is SEO really important for digital marketers to get a solid grip on this SEO?

Well, it is mandatory to know how to optimize the search engines Let’s start with a search engine

The search engine is where you get information on something that exists.

In today’s modern world everybody knows about search engines.

Search engines rule the world.

What is the first search engine that hits your brain? Don’t say it’s just google.

Although google outsmarted all other search engines they are ample of them out there. Amazon is one such example

If you want to have a crystal clear idea about SEO and improve your site rankings do give it a read you have landed on the right page.

How to get organic traffic?is that tough?

we gotta admit that there is a lot of competition between several sites Are you eager to know how Google ranks websites? Google uses crawlers on all websites to get various information about the website.it will rank it accordingly. Google never reveals the algorithm to everyone. It uses a sophisticated methodology and ranks all the websites fairly based on a certain number of factors.

Search engine optimization is an art to rank high on websites without paying a penny.

how to develop this awesome art and rank at the top and stand out from others?

Don,t worry I got answers to all your queries.

I will kick start with a short saying that will just charge up you to learn more “Give me 6 hours to chop the tree I will spend the first 4 hours sharpening the tool”

Many bloggers does the same mistake they build good content but often forget to optimize their blogs correctly.

SEO IS A WAY OF OPTIMIZING YOUR ONLINE CONTENT SUCH THAT GOOGLE SHOWS YOUR WEBSITE IN THE FIRST PAGE FOR SEARCHES OF CERTAIN KEYWORD. How to design and optimize it? It may appear magical to you but there is a big algorithm running behind. Now let us begin learning basic types of SEO that every marketer should know. OVERVIEW

  • What is white-hat and black hat SEO?
  • what is ON-PAGE SEO?
  • what is OFF-PAGE SEO?
  • All u need is to get into that list.SEO takes a long time to list you at the top. it’s not impossible we just have to be patient and choose the right path. We got two different ways. Decide whether you want to get long term benefits or want to settle for short term



I always prefer to play a long term game. anything we get after long hustling lasts forever.

The name itself portrays its unethical way of optimizing your websites.

This is something you do to manipulate the search engines and nothing to do with humans.

Have you ever thought about it that will google entertain such an unethical process in the long haul?

Damn yes, they ultimately end-up in crappy, scammy pages that often get banned fast. It leads to severe punishment to the marketer by ruining a chance of building something valuable and sustainable.

Few of them who prefer shortcuts go for BLACK HAT. It doesn’t abide by the rules and always breaks the rules and dodges new rules all the time

. WHITE HAT: Here comes the ethical way. It plays by search engine rules and its way to build a sustainable online business.

You don’t provide any duplicate content. relevant and informative content is published. WHITE HAT methodology gives you high intent traffic. So it’s up to you to choose your path.


On Page SEO Techniques To Rank On First Page Before we begin. on-page is all about what can be done to your web-page How well you can optimize it from the inside?

ON-PAGE SEO involves optimization of content,meta-tags, and other elements on your website. Let me simplify it further ON-PAGE SEO is modifying your web-page structure, headlines, meta-description in such a way that Google can crawl onto your webpage when people out there search for the keyword.

So, all you need is PROPER KEYWORD-RESEARCH.

You have to make your content more appealing and use the right keywords. Before writing the content you need to dig deep into what people need. It’s always a win-win for both. Search-engines ensure that the user’s demands are fulfilled. To serve the purpose it scans through every-page and checks whether certain keywords are present in it. Gotta admit it’s one of several factors but a prominent one.


SEO Off Page Optimization - javatpoint

OFF-PAGE SEO is something you do away from your website. Page linking often called “backlinks”.
Off-page SEO tells Google what others think about your site.
If you write a guest post for another blog or leave a comment, you’re doing off-page site promotion.
Eventually, google introduced this amazing technique to evaluate the site using backlinks from other sites. Remember! your site rank will only improve if u receive a backlink from a well established high traffic intent site. That would really count and work so well.
Google will analyze the backlinks to your site and comes to the conclusion that your site is worth visiting and contains valuable information.
Otherwise, why would people waste time linking to it?

Final action points

The Writing Life: 5 Ways to Become An Action-Taker SEO is plentiful. I have just briefed you about the basic concepts of SEO useful for new users there are many techniques available to optimize your sites but not all are revealed by google.SEO always adds an advantage to your blog. Google encourages sites that provide the best user experience.

SEO is not just limited to content.it constitutes image SEO, video SEO, meta description, appropriate titles. We need to focus on both on-page and off-page SEO to get results. It’s time to take action and start exploring various aspects of SEO and apply it practically on your sites. You can learn more things by doing. keyword research and proper titles and meta description will definitely boost your ranking. So I am signing off with a note “KEEP LEARNING KEEP GROWING”

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